Active Citizen Project

About the Active Citizen Project

The Active Citizen Project leverages the research and teaching resources of the University, linking them with initiatives at the City that engage citizens in the governance of the city – from policy making to service design / delivery and budgeting.


Public Innovation with Jesper Christiansen

Participatory approaches to social innovation – from user-centred design, to citizen-centred policy making, to community based research – promise better outcomes by directly involving those most effected by these social / environmental challenges. But what role can these “users” and “citizens” actually play in these change-making efforts? And what are the implications for public policy-making?


Open Government with Byron Sheldrick

The City of Guelph’s 2014 “Open Government Action Plan” was one of the first of its kind in Canada. The Guelph Lab hosted 30 City of Guelph staff and councillors to discuss Open Government – what it means, its history, and how it has (and hasn’t) been adopted across Canadian municipalities.