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The Guelph Lab aims to address big picture policy challenges facing our city. We take on challenges that are relevant to the community and require action by the municipality – whether that’s changing policies or bylaws or developing new programs and services. The challenges we take on involve: 

  • Collaboration - these challenges are too complex to be addressed by one sector or organization alone so the Lab’s work involves multi-sector engagement and interdisciplinary teams (e.g., policy makers, funders, researchers, service providers, businesses and labour, as well as users and volunteers

  • Research - no one knows the best course of action so we need to learn more about the problem and potential solutions before, during and after taking action

  • Experimentation - we can only know what works by trying it out, so the Lab serves as a testing ground for new ideas, scaling and measuring proven solutions




Each challenge represents a sustained commitment over multiple years and a range of projects:

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Empty Plate.jpg

Student Food


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Public Sector


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