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The Guelph Lab and our projects have featured in various media and news outlets. 

in the News

Council supports changes to bolster role of advisory committees

Guelph Today – November, 2023

Why Guelph is studying how people access public washrooms

CBC KW Radio – September, 2023

Searching for sustainable solutions to food insecurity on campus

University Affairs – March, 2023

Study puts spotlight on access to public washrooms

Guelph Today – September, 2022

WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? Fresh food to the fore in Guelph

Guelph Mercury Tribune – March, 2022

U of G, City of Guelph collaboration renewed with new projects planned

Guelph Today – November, 2021

The fight to end hunger on Canadian university campuses

Maclean's – October, 2021

Does everyone truly feel welcome in Guelph?

Guelph Mercury Tribune – September, 2021

New GCAT program provides bikes and mentorship to newcomer families

Guelph Today – July, 2021

Tech can help cities improve services — but first leaders have to ask hard questions about privacy, equity and more

Toronto Star (paywall) / Atkinson Foundation (open access) – Jan, 2021

Eyes are on Guelph emerging within the Innovation Corridor

Perspective – Globe and Mail – April, 2019

When life gives you damaged tomatoes, you make tomato sauce

Guelph Today - March , 2019

Pairing Up for Urban Change

Municipal Monitor Q1 2019

Procurement Reimagined: How Guelph’s Civic Accelerator Changed the Game

StartUp HERE Toronto - June, 2017 

Civic Accelerator Offers Innovative Solutions In Guelph

Perspectives - Globe and Mail - March, 2017 

Two Tech Firms Selected To Lead Guelph’s Civic Accelerator

Guelph Mercury Tribune - August, 2016

City Releases Municipal Guide To Navigating The Sharing Economy

Guelph Today - August, 2017

'Guidebook' For The Sharing Economy From Guelph Mayor

CBC - August, 2017

City Of Guelph Launches Provincial Guidebook On Sharing Economy

Guelph Mercury Tribune - August, 2017

U of G, City Collaboration Wins Grant

University of Guelph - April, 2016

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