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We're committed to sharing what we learn through our projects. Explore some of the questions we've grappled with, and what we've learned along the way.

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COVID-19 and Student Food Insecurity

Read our Op-Ed "Student food insecurity: a problem before, during and after COVID-19."


Embracing Agile Procurement

A workshop at the CodeForCanada National Summit, co-facilitated by Sam Laban

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Do Municipalities Trust Their Residents?

Good things happen when governments trust citizens
to take on community projects. 


Trade offs in Procurement

Why don't you see eye to eye with your purchasing department? Competing values and the search for solutions. 


The Procurement Puzzle

Is procurement like
baking a cake, sending
a rocket to the moon or
raising a child?

Challenge Scoping

The "Right" Problem

Why spend time scoping your procurement challenge? 

Confirmation bias and other traps to avoid.

Civic Innovation Award _ Guelph Civic Ac

Civic Innovation

Prize Report

What we learned
from developing and
piloting the Sandbox.

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Student Social Entrepreneurship

What does research say about combining community engagement and social entrepreneurship?


Tips on Starting an Innovation Lab

Reflections on starting a social innovation lab on campus.



Part of our speaker series:
How does open government
work in real life?


Part of our speaker series: How do participatory approaches improve the way public policy is developed?


Big Data and

Smart Cities

Part of our speaker series: Mostly, it's about preparing and cleaning data for decision-making.

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