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Road Safety


Collisions are a leading cause of death and injury in Canada, and research shows that neighbourhoods with lower average incomes tend to see more pedestrians and cyclists injured in collisions. 

The Guelph Lab worked with Transportation Services (City of Guelph) and Geography, Environment and Geomatics (University of Guelph) to incorporate equity into road safety policy in Guelph. 

Our research revealed the inequalities that exist in road safety in Guelph. Not only do, the most marginalized areas of Guelph see more pedestrians and cyclists involved in collisions, but these areas tend to have busier, faster streets. 


In 2021, the City of Guelph began using insights from this research partnership to make equitable decisions about where to implement reduced speed limits, education campaigns and other road safety measures. 


Read: Enhancing equity and road safety in Guelph 

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